Personal Financing

Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS-i)

  • Profit on documentation up to RM200
  • Profit on Safekeeping up to RM80
  • Ceiling Profit Rate (CPR): 11% p.a.
  • Effective Profit Rate (EPR): BR + 3.85%p.a

Initial Public Offering-i (IPO-i)

  • Profit on documentation up to RM200
  • Ceiling Profit Rate (CPR): 11% p.a
  • Effective Profit Rate (EPR): BR + 3.85% p.a

Xpress Cash Financing-i

Profit Rate (Flat Rate)
Equivalent to Effective Profit Rate
It ranges from 18% to 24% per annum
It ranges from 28.88% to 41.70% per annum depending on financing tenure.

Note: The final approved Profit Rate is subject to the Bank’s approving criteria.

Pembiayaan Peribadi Sektor Awam-i

Profit Rate (Flat Rate)
Effective Profit Rate
5.55% per annum (for income < RM3,000)
9.92% per annum
5.25% per annum (for income RM3,000 and above) 9.43% per annum

Term Financing-I Secured by ASB Certificate

BR + 1.55% p.a. throughout the financing tenure

BR as at 15 May 2019 : 4.00%