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The longer your money is managed through an investment portfolio, the more time it will have to grow. Make full use of our market intelligence and strong reputation in investments to get a good headstart.

Islamic Unit Trusts

Investing to secure your future is important, but it's equally important to feel comfortable with the investments you make. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you match your risk/return profile to the appropriate unit trusts.

Islamic Structured Investments

This investment alternative will allow you to access a wider range of markets and pay-out structures. We deliver solutions on both the asset and liability sides, providing clients with highly specialised financing techniques designed to enhance returns, manage financing costs, and reduce risk.


InvestSmart-i diversifies your investment into investment account and islamic unit trust, providing you with higher returns from your FRIA-i / investment account.

Regardless of whether you have accumulated a vast amount of property and assets or you consider yourself in possession of average wealth, everyone will require some form of trustee services to ensure protection and smooth distribution of their wealth.

Hibah Harta Trust

Hibah Harta Trust is an acceptable Islamic inheritance solution, where it utilises the concept of Hibah with a trust feature. The key point of this service is the fact that the Donor can distribute his assets in any proportion to any beneficiary.

Wasiat Writing

A Wasiat is a declaration of a Muslim person where he spells out the manner of distribution of up to one-third (1/3) of his assets to his non-faraid heirs.

Wasiat Dalam Talian

CIMB Islamic, together with CIMB Trustee Berhad, are proud to present the first ever service that allows you to write your Wasiat online. 

Professional Estate Administration

Estate administration is the course of action taken by an administrator or executor from the point of obtaining a Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate until the distribution of assets.


Wasist is a unique feature offered by CIMB Trustee Services, where we assist the Executor or Administrator in administering the deceased’s estate.

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