• EcoSave Savings Account-i

Deposits invested in Shariah-compliant activities

CIMB Clicks internet banking platform


No passbook and physical statement will be provided. View account balance, transactions and pay bills conveniently via CIMB Clicks. 

Debit Card



Up to RM5,000 ATM cash withdrawal is available (upon application).

Environmentally friendly



Is paperless (no passbook, no physical statements). And 0.2% of the total EcoSave portfolio balance is contributed by the bank for 'green environmental' activities quarterly. 

Cash Incentive

Monthly cash incentive of RM5 will be given for average monthly balance of RM5,000 and if there is no over-the-counter transaction in that month.

Click here to view other available rates and charges.

Additional Features

  • Online statement and online mode of operation via CIMB Clicks.
  • Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. To view PIDM's brochure, click here
  • Individuals aged 18 years old and above - for personal or joint account
  • Minimum initial deposit of RM250.
  • For individuals - identity card, passport or driving license. A copy of utility bill for verification of address.

  Types of Charges Charge
1 Replacement of Lost / Spoilt Passbook 
(Not applicable for statement-based Savings Account-i)
RM20.00 (Inclusive of Stamp Duty on Letter of Indemnity)
2 Interbranch Online Transactions Nil
3 Transfer of Funds Within Same Branch by Instruction RM5.00 per transaction
4 Online Interbank GIRO (IBG) & Online Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT)
5 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction – RENTAS RM5.00 per transaction
6 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction ( Banker’s Cheque sent by Post) RM5.00 by Banker’s Cheque and RM0.15 for Stamp Duty on Banker’s Cheque
7 Closing of Savings Accounts (within 3 months of its opening) RM20.00
Closing of Savings Account-i (after 3 months but within 6 months from the date of account opened) RM10.00
Transfer of Funds To Another Branch by Instruction RM5.00 per transaction
10 Account Certification for EPF Withdrawal RM20.00 per certificate
11 Letter of Reference RM30.00 per letter
12 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period exceeding 1 year
(Not available for passbook-based Savings Account-i)
RM30.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 additional page)
13 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period up to 1 year
(Not available for passbook-based Savings Account-i)
RM10.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 (additional page)
14 Debit Card annual fee RM15.00
15 Dormant Account Activities Fee RM10.00 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder
16 Replacement of lost/ stolen/ mishandled Debit Card RM12.00

Note: The fees and charges listed above are inclusive of any taxes, where applicable.

CIMB Islamic started funding green projects since 2008.

Out of the total EcoSave portfolio, CIMB Islamic contributes 0.2% to green activties, such as conservation initiatives and education programmes that are sustainable and impactful to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

As the allocation grows, more green projects would be funded.

By opening EcoSave, you are indirectly helping the environment. It is one of the easiest ways to make a difference to our planet.

  Project Details
1 Mangrove Planting (2008 - 2010) Mangrove planting in Kuala Gula in partnership with Global Environment Centre for mangrove conservation.
2 Green Kitchen Challenge (2012) The project involved getting students’ hands green in the garden and the kitchen. It was aimed at educating students on simple ways to reduce solid waste and promote long-term sustainable benefits to the environment. In partnership with Pusat Sumber Alam Sekitar Seberang Perai Tengah and KDU University College, who provided the technical knowledge on the composting and culinary aspects of the competition respectively.  
3 WWF – Fraser’s Hill & Ulu Muda Conservation Project (2013) The project's main objective was to advocate for the conservation of two priority sites – Ulu Muda and Fraser’s Hill, important water catchments forest – by proposing the establishment of protected areas at these locations. In partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Malaysia).
4 REACH – Cameron Highlands (2015) The project's main objective was to educate the local school community on the health of our rivers and how to monitor it. In partnership with R.E.A.C.H – Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highland.
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