• Fixed Return Income Account-i (FRIA-i) – Why Wait

Only invested in Shariah-compliant ventures

Why Wait operates according to the concept of Tawarruq and Murabahah in relation to Commodity Murabahah.

Maturity period from 1, 2 and 3 months

Flexiibility of choice.







Profit is pre-determined and fixed upfront

Ensuring consistent profitability.

Attractive profit rate for each deposit tenure

Maximise your returns.

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  • Instant payment of cash equivalent to the agreed profit will be paid immediately upon sign-up
  • Instant payment can also be made via cheque, demand draft or funds transfer to a CIMB Islamic Bank Savings-i or Current Account-i
  • Automatic renewal for value-added investment
  • FRIA-i certificate can be accepted as additional collateral to any Islamic or Conventional credit facilities
  • Premature Upliftment: Allowed through a rebate/ Ibra’ clause whereby the customer agrees to give rebate in case of early demand of Murabahah Sale Price
  • Partial withdrawal unavailable

Eligible for PIDM Protection. To view PIDM's brochure, click here.


  • Individuals aged 18 years and above who are either residents or non-residents – personal or joint account
  • Firms, companies, associations, societies, clubs, etc



  • Minimum deposit placement of RM10,000 for a short tenure of 1, 2 or 3 months, with deposit increments in multiples of RM1,000

  Types of Charges Charge
1 Additional/ reproduction of Statements for FRIA-i Account for period up to 1 year RM10.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 (additional page)
2 Additional/ reproduction of Statements for FRIA-i Account for period exceeding 1 year RM30.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 (additional page)
3 Withdrawal of FRIA-i; to be credited to customer's account at branches within the same clearing zone Nil
4 Withdrawal of FRIA-i; to be credited to customer's account at Branches not within the same clearing zone Nil
5 Withdrawal via Banker’s Cheque RM0.15 on stamp duty charges
6 FRIA-i under Lien (charged only once if renewal/placement is for the same purpose  the FRIA-i was assigned) RM15.00 per receipt

Note: The fees and charges listed above are inclusive of any taxes, where applicable.

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