• Fixed Return Income Account-i (FRIA-i) – Monthly Returns

Fixed Return Income Account-i Monthly Returns gives you the flexibility to make partial withdrawals while your balance continues to enjoy these great profit rates.

Greater freedom to chase your dreams, and live them.

Freedom to make home feel more like home.

Freedom to travel whenever you want.

Freedom to start new chapters.

Unlock your funds, and still earn profit. 

CIMB Unfixed DepositTM lets you make withdrawals in multiples of RM1,000 while your remaining balance continues to enjoy a longer-term FRIA-i rate*.

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  • * Withdrawals shall be in multiples of RM1,000 only.

Operates according to Shariah principles of Tawarruq and Murabahah vis-à-vis Commodity Murabahah

Your money will only be invested in Shariah-Compliant activities.

Withdrawal is allowed with a minimum of RM1,000

And in multiples of RM1,000 under the same account number ( this is applicable for new and renewed FRIA-i effective 18 January 2015 onwards)

Maturity period of 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months



Select the duration that suits you best.


Flexibility for your funds



Free up your cash whenever you need it most yet still remain your profit rate.

Profit is pre-determined and fixed upfront




Ensuring consistent profitability.



Earn higher returns on your savings


Lock your money with your Unfixed DepositTM.

Attractive profit rate for each deposit tenure




Maximise your returns.

  • Profit is paid on a monthly basis
  • Monthly profit payments can be made directly into your affliate Islamic account with the bank
  • Automatic renewal
  • Option to pledge the certificate of deposits as security for financing facilities
  • Premature Upliftment: Allowed through a rebate/ Ibra’ clause whereby the customer agrees to give rebate in case of early demand of Murabahah Sale Price

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Unfixed Deposit™? 
This is a fixed deposit that allows multiple withdrawals from your FRIA-i account before the maturity date.

2.Does this apply to all tenures? 
This applies to all tenures. Please note that the contracted profit is only payable if the tenure has completed more than 3 months.

3.How much is the minimum amount for a withdrawal from my Unfixed Deposit™?
Each withdrawal must be a minimum of RM1,000 and in multiples of RM1,000. This is subject to a minimum balance required for the respective tenure, otherwise, the account must be uplifted and closed.

4.Is there a minimum I need to maintain in my Unfixed Deposit™?
You just need to maintain a minimum of RM1,000 (except for 1 month Unfixed Deposit™ placement).

5.Can the withdrawal be performed via online through Clicks? 
No, at the moment, a withdrawal can only be done Over-the-Counter at your CIMB Home Branch.

6.Can I perform Unfixed Deposit™ withdrawals for deposits that have been taken as collateral for a cashline facility?
No, withdrawals are not allowed in this case, as the deposit is pledged as collateral.

7.What types of FRIA-i is Unfixed Deposit™ applicable to?
The feature can be applied to the following: (i) FRIA-i Maturity Returns (ii) FRIA-i Monthly Returns 


  • Individual aged 18 years and above who are either residents or non-residents, personal or joint account.
  • Firms, companies, associations, societies, clubs, etc.

Eligible for PIDM Protection. To view PIDM's brochure, click here.


  • Minimum deposit placement of RM5,000 for tenure of 1 month.
  • Minimum deposit placement of RM1,000 for tenures of 2 to 60 months.
  • With deposit increment in multiples of RM1.

  Types of Charges Charge
1 Additional/ reproduction of Statements forFRIA-i Account for period up to 1 year RM10.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 (additional page)
2 Additional/ reproduction of Statements forFRIA-i Account for period exceeding 1 year RM30.00 (upfront)
RM2.00 (additional page)
3 Withdrawal of FRIA-i; to be credited to customer's account at branches within the same clearing zone Nil
4 Withdrawal of FRIA-i; to be credited to customer's account at Branches not within the same clearing zone Nil
5 Withdrawal via Banker’s Cheque RM0.15 on stamp duty charges
6 FRIA-i under Lien (charged only once if renewal/placement is for the same purpose  the FRIA-i was assigned) RM15.00 per receipt

Note: The fees and charges listed above are inclusive of any taxes, where applicable.

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