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Having something put away brings you peace of mind, because you know you’re much better prepared for unexpected expenditures, and the things you desire all come within reach.

Just write a cheque for each transaction you need to make and send them off. A cashline-i faciliity can also be added to your current account if you need additional funds.

It’s always good to have a goal in mind. Set a target, commit yourself to achieving it and you’ll reap the fruits of your labour! Inculcate the habit in your children and they’ll learn about the importance of saving. As you save for their education, you’ll also give them a good start towards achieving their dreams. Older citizens can save towards better financial independence after retirement. Even the eco-conscious can do something to help the environment while saving up.

Our investment accounts combine special features with high return, so you can enjoy extra benefits while your money works harder for you.

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