You're looking to send money to family or friends overseas? Or perhaps need to pay overseas invoices or buying property overseas?

Do it with CIMB for remittance that is quick and reliable to anyone.

Ways you can remit money?

A regional proprietary remittance product offered by CIMB Islamic Bank that allows individuals to send and receive money that includes direct account crediting and instant cash collection.

An efficient way to send money overseas; Foreign Demand Draft (FDD) is a written order issued by CIMB on your behalf to pay a beneficiary.

MoneyGram is a remittance product offered by CIMB Islamic Bank that provide flexibility to both sender and receiver to transfer money via Cash to Cash transaction in more than 200 countries and 339,000 agents locations worldwide.

You can now send your money within the country by Banker's Cheque even if you do not have any account with CIMB Islamic Bank.

Wire your money in a safe and quick mode of transfer to anyone and anywhere around the world.