• Debit Card Replacement - Replace to the new Debit Card with MyDebit today!

Effective 1 July 2017, you will not be able to use your old debit card.

As you may be aware, your old debit card must be replaced with the new PIN & PAY enabled CIMB Debit MasterCard. The new card can be identied by the MyDebit logo on the card. 

This because all card transactions at Point of Sale terminals in Malaysia will be using PIN instead of Signature. Hence, starting from 1 July 2017, you will need to use your PIN to pay for purchases and Signature will no longer be accepted!

Important Notice

  1. For customers who have replaced their card and have been given a new card number, please be reminded that your auto-bill payment instructions (if any) must be updated with your new debit card number. Kindly contact your respective biller(s) to update your new card number to ensure continuity of payments.

How Can I Replace My Card

via CIMB Branches

ou can replace your card at any CIMB branch nationwide. 

All you need to bring is:

  1. IC/MyKad 
  2. Your current Debit/ATM Card.

via Debit Card Replacement Kiosk

The new Debit Card Replacement Kiosk is a self-service terminal that allows customers to replace their old Debit/ATM card to the new CIMB Debit MasterCard instantly.

All you need to have with you to use the kiosk is your

  1. IC/MyKad 
  2. Your current Debit/ATM card.

Click here to view location of all kiosk nationwide.