• IBG Campaign

Interbank Giro (IBG) is secure and enables simple reconciliation at lower cost.  Funds transfers can be made through IBG participating banks via pre-agreed media such as compact disc, file transfer, internet or any other electronic means accepted by the bank.

This campaign opens to all small and medium-sized enterprises, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

  •    Simplify reconciliation with payment reference Information
  •    Reduce cost of processing payment
  •    Timely and guaranteed receipt of funds
  •    Minimizes manual processes in payment reconciliation
  •     Make payments securely
  •     Ability to make bulk payments


15th December 2016 until 30th April 2017


To learn more about IBG Campaign, visit http://www.myclear.org.my/promotion/Switch-to-Interbank-GIRO

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